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We make every effort to design your site the way you want and with the following stages:

Content organization
Initial design phase
Continued support (Maintenance)

You are kept up to date between all phases with regular communication and prototypes.

A little bit of planning goes a long way. We use your information provided to get a better idea of what your thoughts, ideas and the objectives of your website are. We provide you with a detailed proposal followed by a design prototype.

Content organization:
After the planning phase we collect and organize your supplied content; images, graphics, and text. We keep a submission schedule to keep you project moving forward.

Initial Design Phase:
We use your thoughts, ideas and your planning guide to start the initial design, beginning with the page layout. Text, graphics and images are edited, customized and integrated into your web site.

HTML coding, Database, Programming, etc. and all other related digital media applications are developed during this phase. These applications are the central nervous system of your site, and great care is taken here.

Our design team’s creative hands put their finishing touches on your website. Your web site is now ready, but only after exhaustive testing are you presented with the final design for approval.

Here is where we get you up and running! We check up on your website, continue real world testing and look to here feedback from you about your customers and close friends comments.

Continued Support (Maintenance):
We have scheduled maintenance plans to keep your site current and up to date. Simple changing of graphics or adding current news keeps your site fresh, and delights visitors. Keep them coming back to browse, buy, or listen to your message. Our website updates are affordable and handled quickly. Call us today to find out more.

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